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“Technology has made its way into the education system of the nation for betterment. DPS, Gandhinagar has integrated technology in various forms with the traditional teaching approaches to gather best mileage and optimal benefits.”

Technology has entered the classrooms, turning them into Digital Classrooms. Many may wonder how technology may assist in better teaching. The knowledge gained from the books stays somewhat limited and confined to its leaves. Further, it becomes challenging for the students to learn the complex theories with the help of text alone.

It undoubtedly is boring and those who are slightly weak in academics often lose interest in several subjects in no time. This problem has made Mathematics a nightmare for many and History classes as sleep-inducing sessions. But it was during the past. With advent of technology, the teachers get hold of wonderful curriculum designed and developed as per their requirements and style that includes information from various sources and most importantly, in visual form. The teachers are now able to explain the most complicated and complex problems and situations in the easiest manner which can be comprehended by all.

Further, the students may go back to the available audio-visual, and appealing textual content time and again for better and deeper understanding. The best part of Digital Classrooms is that students start developing a strong liking for the subjects they used to dread in the past and when it is served and presented in an appealing manner with 3D images and visuals, they outperform themselves without even realizing it. Technology has played a magical role in the lives of the students at DPS, Gandhinagar. However, the school ensures that the teachers strike a perfect balance between effective traditional approaches and digital way of mentoring. The results have been phenomenal and encouraging.

The learning and desire for learning have reached the next level at the school. DPS, Gandhinagar is always on the lookout for introducing more evolved and tried and tested concepts, both technological and otherwise, for the betterment of the students and their performances.

Central Board of Secondary Education- An Ever-Evolving Affiliating Board

DPS, Gandhinagar is affiliated to the most popular affiliating Board in India, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The network of CBSE schools is widest in the nation and it has launched its international version as well in the form of CBSE-i. The affiliation to CBSE has benefits galore. Some of them are mentioned here:

  • CBSE has the widest mesh of schools across the nation.
  • CBSE is ever-evolving and continuously refining Board.
  • The prescribed curriculum is designed to provide career path to the students from an early age.
  • The curriculum designed maintains ideal balance between academics and co-curricular activities including sports.
  • CBSE keeps a close watch on following of rules and procedures at all the affiliated schools during all times. Any deviation is taken into account and corrective measures are suggested. Further, the Board ensures that the steps are taken without any delay.
  • It is best-suited for the students especially during all kinds of competitive examinations post-schooling.
  • CBSE encourages affiliated schools to interact on different platforms to learn from each other.
  • It has no stagnation, sense of complacency or any traces of saturation.
  • CBSE endorses healthy competition amongst affiliated schools at different fronts.
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